The DJ Drops showcase hero image


The DJ Drops is a company out of New Jersey. They provide celebrity "drops" (voiceovers) for DJs to use during their sets. The DJ Drops approached Wired Studios for a redesign of their site. Their old site was built with a custom built cart system that lacked the necessary functionality for online transactions. Their old site also created a real problem when essential routine functions couldn't be performed due to improper planning of the site that led to bugs that require an overhaul of the whole system. The new site requirements were: modern feel, robust shopping cart and the ability to preview the "drops" prior to purchasing. On top of that, the new site needed to provide an area for the celebrities (or drop creators) to upload the drops once they were ready.

Strategy & Planning

The challenge in this case was to provide a solution that would encompass all their requirements within the timeframe of 12 weeks. Joe Garcia lead this project with the help of developer Guillermo Alvarez. For this particular project Joe Garcia decided to use X-Cart for the shopping cart solution. The main reason was the tight deadline and the previous success we have had with X-Cart.


The new launched in 2011 and is still running today which is a testament to its well planned architecture. Although it undeniable could use an update (mainly to make it mobile friendly), it holds up with newer sites very well. The new site has allowed to run without major problems for over 3 years.