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P&R Dental Strategies goal is to provide maximum cost containment and hold the line on fraud and abuse that is undermining healthcare efforts in our country. One of their main products, DentSource Network Development Module (NDM) was built by their talented team of software developers to deliver large amounts of data to its users in a matter of seconds. The problem was obvious, the module worked great but users were turned off by the large amounts of data displayed all at once in an unorganized, excel like way. P&R hired Wired Studios to redesign all aspects of the interface and make it less intimidating and user friendly.

Strategy & Planning

Since P&R Dental is based in Manhattan, NY, the best form of communication was through GoToMeeting. Wired Studios joined the project in the later stages of the development of the module; therefore, proper research on previous user experiences wasn't available. Based on the tight shipping deadline they were under, the project briefing only included a real quick summary on the functionality of the module and P&R's perspective on the challenges users would face in using this module effectively. Wired Studios decided on approaching this project from a familiarity aspect of the user. The user would be immediately overwhelmed with so much data so providing as many visual cues to familiar interfaces was key. The most familiar tool for access of large amounts of data is Google, so the goal was to make it as if it was a Google tool.


The Wired Studios effort was led by Joe Garcia. Together with Fritz Siegrist, project manager at P&R, and his team, we were able to balance the tight deadlines without delaying the shipping date. The development team based out of Boston, MA was in constant communication with Wired Studios during the 2 week duration of this project. The solution was approved by the all stakeholders and ultimately by the CEO. The vastly improved interface was successfully implemented and it is still in use today.