Johnson Wilshire showcase hero image


Johnson Wilshire is a national supplier of safety products, specializing in hand protection. In 2013, they were ready to overhaul their outdated catalog to include their latest products. Along with this new version of their printed catalog, the opportunity to overhaul their aging website was imminent. Their old site had multiple broken links, outdated information, hard to navigate and it was difficult to update its content. The new website goals were to make the site easy to navigate, match the printed catalog in terms of organization and color coding of categories, easy to update and bilingual (Spanish and English).

Strategy & Planning

It was obvious a CMS was necessary to handle 2 of the biggest challenges, a bilingual site that was easy to update. The options were Wordpress or Drupal. Drupal was ultimately chosen mainly because we knew 2 full time persons would be in charge of managing their products and content after delivery. One would be in charge of the english side and one in the spanish side.


Wired Studios replaced Johnson Wilshire's old site with a fresh Drupal 7 installation that included a heavily customized theme (interface). The site is simple to navigate, bilingual and properly showcases the products to its potential clients. After the launch of the site only a 1 day training session was necessary with the marketing director, Rebecca Zeller. The training covered the primary tasks of managing products and site content. Rebecca then was able to train the spanish content manager to do the same in spanish. A customized administration interface was provided for each to only see the necessary sections to perform their tasks.