Global E-Commerce: Should you even go there?

Global E-commerce

I recently read an article from about the subject of global e-commerce and it reminded me of how easy it is to overlook the distance between point A and point B when it comes to selling products online worldwide.

7 things you need before you start building an online store


Starting an online business can be overwhelming but taking the necessary steps to prepare makes the process manageable and even enjoyable.
I will make suggestions on providers but a simple google search will give you lots of options. Your options will depend on your budget which you should set up upfront.

How to Increase Website Traffic?

ways to increase website traffic

So I built my brand new website, now how do I increase website traffic?, or how do I start getting attracting traffic to my website?

The short answer is, make your website attractive to users. How? with free, quality, original content.

Will my website work on all devices, and will this cost me more?

website presentation mock up

One of the many questions you should ask before starting a web project is, will my website work on all devices, and will this cost me more?

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes by Google

Google SEO

Google released on Tuesday a video that provides startups tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in under 10 minutes. Google aims to make it easier for startups to get better rankings for their brands.

How to plan content for my website

Content is King

It is very exciting to have your website finally completed and ready for content, but then, the question rises, how to plan content for website ?

Here are some tips on how to plan content for website, once it is completed, or even better, while it is being built.

Responsive web design vs building a separate mobile site

Responsive vs Mobile

I have read multiple articles on the subject of responsive web design vs building a separate mobile site. Like all debates, it depends who you ask but I believe that it comes down to budgets at the end.